It can enhances the quality of life for men!

Our Eurycomanone 0.2%-10.0% HPLC

Eurycoma longifolia Jack, known locally as ‘Tongkat Ali’, is popularly taken as a traditional herbal medecine to improve the male libido, sexual prowess and fertility in some Southeast Asian countries.

We extract the useful ingredients in the Tongkat Ali root with modern herb extraction method, make them into powder, it is Tongkat ali extract. It can be filled into capsules, or made into pills, they are easily to be taken. The bitter taste will not bother the consummers any more.

Our specifications of eurycomanone includes 0.2%,0.5%,0.8%,1.0%,2.0%,2.4%,3.0%,5.0%,6.0%, 8.0% and 10.0%.

Many kinds of eurycomanone specifications can meet the diverse needs of our customers. For eurycoma longifolia jack, We have been doing the research and development for higher content of eurycomanone. 

The specifications of eurycomanone we present are all that we can provide, and our products are authentic.We believe that we will have more opportunities to cooperate with you in the future.For the latest eurycomanone information, please click the following button to get it.